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Welcome to the Worminghall Parish Council website, where you will find all kinds of information regarding our outstanding area and its wonderful community.

The Parish Council at Worminghall meets regularly in The Village Hall to discuss and decide local council and community issues pertaining to our village.

The Council acts in accordance with Buckinghamshire County Council and Aylesbury Vale District Council’s directives and abides by the Code of Conduct as drawn up by The Standard’s Board for England.

Date of Next Meeting

4th April 2019 @ 8pm

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Village Fete 22nd June at the Clifden Arms.

Oxford – Cambridge Express Way

Please have a look at the Expressway Page for latest information. Please let your Councillors or the clerk know your thoughts on the Expressway.

Budget Update

This month saw the Council agree the budget for the forthcoming financial year. The council has undertaken a programme of improvements for the village including upgrading the remaining street lights to the far more energy efficient LED bulbs. Within the next two years the council want to commission a traffic survey to look at traffic calming through the village main street. Moreover, this year has also seen a sum of money set aside for investment into the village community. Changes to HMRC rules have also necessitated a change to our accounting package and our banking. Collectively this does come at a cost and the precept for the next year will see a rise of 53 pence a week for Band D rates. This increase brings Worminghall in line with most of the local villages whilst remaining a highly competitive precept rate both locally and nationally.